Cracked Acoustic Bridge Repair (Taylor 312ce)

Check out this awesome cracked acoustic bridge repair that Mark did on a Taylor 312ce. Looks new again! Cracks like this can sometimes be from a natural defect in the wood grain, but they are more often caused from it drying out. This Taylor Acoustic has an exposed grain bridge, so it needs to be oiled to prevent it from drying out. At the very least, you should be oiling a bridge like this 1-2 times a year. 


Taylor 321ce acoustic guitar with a cracked bridge, before and after it's repair
before/after cracked acoustic bridge repair
(Taylor 312ce )

If you’re looking to have any repair work done, make sure to email us with all the details. We may ask you to send us some pics if it’s structural or cosmetic, so we can give you a better estimate of cost. Guitar repairs are usually picked-up/dropped-off once or twice a week.