Guitar Gear News

I’m such a guitar gear junkie.  I  love just reading about new guitar tech, let alone trying it all out 😉  Here’s a few things I found this month that really caught my eye.

Dialtone Pickups

These are some really cool humbucker (active) replacement pickups with a twist.  On each pickup, there are two control knobs. One for resonant frequency and the other is for the Q value.  Check out the video!

Electrosmash pedalSHIELD

This a stompbox kit that basically allows you to program any digital effect type into it using C/C++ or simply download settings from their library.  It’s designed for learning about processing, synth, and effects, without to much programming experience.

Electro Harmonix B9

This is by far my favorite! This amazing pedal basically turns your guitar into a really phat sounding B series organ.  So if you’re really into the likes of Joey DeFrancesco, John Medeski, and Neal Evans, you’ll love the way this pedal makes your guitar sound.

Not enough? Check back soon, as I’ll be posting my guitar gear finds more regularly now 🙂