Guitar Lesson Update

With regard to guitar lessons, here’s what’s happening around here:

  1. You may have noticed the furniture shifting around a bit each week.  That’s because I’m patching some trim, sealing the edges, and painting again.
  2. I’ve been posting little samples on vine and instagram from daily lesson plans, followed by the occasional post with TABs for the piece I’m playing in the video
  3. Website is getting updated almost daily, as I’m still working with the layout and color scheme.  In addition, I should have a logo in the next few weeks, which will help me firm up the best style for readability and overall coolness 😉
  4. Lastly, we’re till looking for students to fill up another day for my colleague Mike. Please pass the word around that I’ve got another teacher on board, who’s very skilled as a teacher and player.  Especially, in Jazz, Rock, Metal, and Prog.  I’m really happy to be working with Mike and look forward to more guitar mastery going on here!