Guitar Pro Education Program

Exciting news! The Music Shed has joined the Guitar Pro Education Program! All teachers now enjoy free access to the software for home and studio use, streamlining resources into one format. While Sibelius remains for rhythm charts, we’ll present visually consistent guitar-specific lesson material.

This program offers Music Shed students a 50% discount on personal GP purchases. To avail, notify us of your software interest, and we’ll add you to our GP roster for a discount code.

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What is Guitar Pro?

Guitar Pro, embraced by musicians and guitar enthusiasts, is versatile software for composing, transcribing, and learning music. Its user-friendly interface allows easy tabbing and notation. Musicians input notes via the virtual fretboard, offering flexibility. Supporting multiple instruments, it facilitates intricate arrangements.

A standout feature is its playback functionality, allowing realistic compositions with instrument sounds. This aids in fine-tuning and capturing musical nuances. It’s an invaluable learning tool, offering interactive tabs and facilitating practice at various tempos.

Compatible across platforms, Guitar Pro ensures seamless collaboration. Whether a seasoned composer, teacher, or beginner, it’s an indispensable resource fostering creativity and musical growth. Elevate your musical journey with Guitar Pro’s powerful and intuitive capabilities.

Book in for lesson now to learn more about guitar and how to use the software!

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