Amp Buzz or Hum

1. Moving and Setting Up the Studio: Battling Amp Buzz or Hum

In the meticulous process of relocating and constructing a new home studio, special attention was given to isolating the room with dedicated breakers for lights and outlets.

2. Unleashing Epic Amp Buzz or Hum

Despite careful construction and the use of power conditioners, an unexpected and epic level of amp noise plagued the studio, especially in mid to high gain settings.

3. Studio Construction Measures for Optimal Sound

During the studio’s construction, electricians took thorough measures to create an environment conducive to optimal sound quality.

4. Troubleshooting the Amp Buzz or Hum

Numerous troubleshooting steps were undertaken, such as isolating breakers, eliminating potential sources, and disconnecting wireless peripherals.

5. Breakthrough Moment: Persistent Noise Even with the Breaker Off

When, after various attempts, we turned off the breaker and tested a guitar on a battery-powered amp, we revealed that the hum persisted even with the breaker off. Additionally, we observed that Humbuckers seemed to exacerbate the problem.

6. Exploring External Factors: The Hydro Supply Connection

Realizing the issue might extend beyond the house, attention turned to the hydro supply as a potential source of the noise problem. The biggest issue would be getting Hydro to believe there was a problem, based on me hearing random buzzing through my amp.

7. A Fortuitous Solution During a Rainstorm

A significant rainstorm led to the blowing of the underground transformer down the street. After repair, the noise completely vanished.

8. Lessons Learned and Further Reading on Amp Buzz or Hum

Reflecting on the experience, it became evident that external factors can play a crucial role. For more details and extended discussion, visit the Audio Engineering subreddit, where I’ve posted about my ordeal to help other audio detectives. SOLVED! A Major Studio Hum/Buzz Issue

As always, if you have questions, feel free to ask them here!