Guitar Cover – Billie Jean

Here’s the guitar tabs and sheet music for a guitar cover I did of of Michael Jackson’s – Billie Jean (“A” Section only) I played played this on my Avian Hawk Custom using the neck humbucker.  I ran my guitar through the Line 6 Sonic Port, into Mobile POD, through Altispace (Convolution Reverb), and recorded it using iOS Garageband on my iPhone 4s.   I’ve posted the videos, TAB, and settings from my phone below. Please note, the vine only loops the first two bars of the sheet music.  Watch my instagram video to see the entire A Section.

Billie Jean Guitar TAB

Line 6 Mobile POD Settings

Compared to the factory preset (Line 6 Clean), I turned off the bright switch, turned up the mid and bass, and switched the cabinet to  2×12 Modern Class A Cabinet.

Line 6 Jazz Tone Settings

Altispace Convolution Reverb Settings

I used the Guitar Spring 4 SPRING preset and made slight changes to Reverb, Length, and Stereo.

Altiverb Settings in iOS