New Location

Exciting news! The new studio location is now open, signaling a significant shift from the Alton Village spot. Nestled in Palmer, a mere 5 minutes away, it provides a welcoming space for guitar lessons. A big thank you goes out to Hammer City Contracting, for helping bring this vision to life!

Positioned near Walkers Line and Mainway intersection, it’s a quiet yet easily reachable location. This serves as a central hub for guitar enthusiasts seeking lessons and repairs in Burlington.

Meticulously designed for both functionality and aesthetics, the studio aims to create an optimal environment for learning the guitar. As I look forward to lessons, I’m confident this space will elevate the overall experience for me and my students.

For those in the area or nearby interested in guitar lessons, the fresh location offers a prime opportunity to begin a musical journey. Whether you’re a novice or aiming to refine your skills, the studio is ready to provide tailored instruction in a supportive, inspiring setting.

To explore more about the new studio or to schedule your guitar lessons, check my website for additional details. I’m genuinely excited to rock out in this fresh chapter, right in the heart of Burlington!

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Image of the new Music Shed location