6 Second Cover – Girls (The 1975)

Girls by The 1975  was a really fun 6 second cover to do, although it took a bit longer to sync it all up than 6 seconds 😉  The riff for both guitars is centered around a B and F# chord, one being chord based and the other being a single note line.  I used my Line 6 Sonicport with the same settings for each guitar.  Actually I originally did this sound for a Fixx tune, but it didn’t fit  nicely into the 6 second frame Vine restricts you to.

The TAB shows both parts that are played in the original recording and my Vine, with one small alteration.  Because I use a heavier balanced tension string set on my Strat, I left out the notes in brackets for Guitar 1.  I found that it overpowered the other notes which were most likely played on a slinkier set of strings originally.





The 1975 - Girls TAB


Line 6 Mobile POD Settings

Line 6 Clean into the Line 6 2 x 12 Cab.  All the effects shown are active in the signal chain and we’re slightly tweaked. Most of the knob positions are visible in the image, except for reverb. I just used the default preset for reverb as it actually sounded pretty good 🙂

1975 Girls Mobile POD Settings